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FAQ for participating artists

What is Austin Studio Tour?

Austin Studio Tour is a city wide art event organized by Big Medium. More information on Big Medium's website:

What is Austin Studio Tour at Circle C?

Austin Studio Tour at Circle C is a subset of the bigger event. It is a group of artists who get together and show and sell their art for Austin Studio Tour. We participate in Circle C, Austin. 

When is Austin Studio Tour at Circle C?

2022: November 5, 6, 12, 13

Noon - 6pm on both weekends for visitors

Where is Austin Studio Tour at Circle C?

Circle C Community Center, 7817 La Crosse, Austin, TX 78739

What do I as an artist need to do to participate in Austin Studio Tour at Circle C?

Before June 12: Apply to our call for art by filling out this form before June 12. 

Between June 12 - June 19: If you have been accepted into our show you will receive an email from us by June 19.

Before July 12: Only if you receive an email from us that you have been accepted into our show, then please fill out your Big Medium application before July 12:

How much does it cost to participate?

There are two fees:

  1. Big Medium fees that you will pay to Big Medium directly 

  2. Our fees to cover rent, insurance, advertising

Is it mandatory to apply to Big Medium?

Yes. There are many advantages of doing this. One is you get your own name and entry in Big Medium's book and map that is distributed to thousands of people all over Austin. Lots of people look at the book later to find you sometimes many years later, it's great advertising. Another advantage of having your own entry in the book is that when visitors see that there are multiple artists showing at the same location (determined by the number of entries in the same address) visitors tend to prefer going to these locations to be able to see many artists together under one roof.

Is it mandatory to participate both weekends?

Yes, Big Medium has made it mandatory to participate both weekends.

Why is Austin Studio Tour at Circle C juried?

We wish we could let all artists who are interested participate in our show at Circle C. Unfortunately, we are limited by space and can only accommodate 23 artists. 

What is the criteria for jurying?

Our show is attended by a wide variety of people. We try to select artists whose art is a good fit for our Circle C and neighboring community. We are curating a show with a good mix of art mediums represented.

Will you give preference to artists who live in Circle C?


What is the time commitment for artists?

Our show is open for two weekends. Nov 5-6 and 12-13. We are open to visitors from noon-6pm both weekends. You as an artist will commit to both weekends. You will need time to set up and take down art. Your time commitment will be:

Setup art Saturday: 10am - 12pm
Event time: 12pm - 6pm open to visitors
Take down art Sunday: 6pm - 7pm. 

You or a responsible adult you designate to be your representative needs to be at the event the entire time, 12-6pm. No one else can be held responsible for your art. 

Do I need to take down my art on Saturday night?

No, you will set up art on Saturday morning, leave it overnight on Saturday night, take down art on Sunday night. 

Can I leave my art setup as is between the two weekends?

No, you must take down art on Sunday night, take it all home and re-setup on next Saturday morning.

How will I set up my art?

Circle C Community center does not allow any hooks or nails or thumbtacks on their walls. You will need to provide your own art walls, panels, easels to set up your art. 

How big is each artist's booth?

Indoor booths are 10ft x 7 ft or 8 ft x 9 ft. There is also one indoor entryway booth that is 17 ft x 4ft. 

Outdoor booths are 10 ft x 10ft.

What is the difference between the outdoor and indoor booths?

Indoor booths are inside the community center.

Outdoor booths are designated spaces on the concrete outside the community center. Two outdoor booths are under the covered patio space. 

What must I bring if I'm in an outdoor booth?

You must provide your own 10 x 10 ft tent and any walls, panels, easels for outdoor booth spaces.

Is there an electric outlet?

Indoor booths: We will try our best to give you an electric outlet.

Outdoor booths: We cannot guarantee electricity for any booths.

What if I'm outdoor and it rains or the weather is bad?

You are committed to an outdoor space rain or shine. You must make the necessary arrangements to protect your art from bad weather. If the weather is so bad that you absolutely cannot be out there, then you will not be able to participate. Unfortunately, we do not have space indoors to accommodate anyone extra. Please think about this before committing to an outdoor space. 

What furniture is provided?

Circle C Community center provides one rectangular table per artist 30" x 72" and two standard chairs.

How many visitors come to Austin Studio Tour at Circle C?

In 2021, we had close to 2000 visitors over both weekends.

How many pieces of art must I have ready for sale at the show?

Our show is very well attended and you will likely need a good amount of art to cover a 10 ft x 10 ft booth space. 

Do I need a sales tax license and Must I collect sales tax at the event?

Yes and Yes. We require each artist to have a valid sales tax license and collect sales tax on each sale.

What kind of art can I sell?

This is a professional art show. You can sell fine art. Paintings must be framed, wired, ready to hang. Prints must be professionally packaged in sleeves. Jewelry, sculpture must be high quality and packaged well. 

Fine art includes paintings, photography, ceramics, pottery, sculpture, handmade jewelry, mixed media art. All of the art must abide by Big Medium's definition of art. If you aren't sure please check with Big Medium. 

Can I sell my kid's art or a relative's art or third-party art at this show?

No. You must only sell art made by you. 

Can minors participate as artists?

Anyone can apply and their application will be juried irrespective of age. Any artist under the age of 21 needs to have a parent or legal guardian present at all times during the show since we will be serving alcohol at our event and it is a significant time commitment.

Do I need to advertise on my own?

Yes, absolutely. Word of mouth and your own advertising, promotion goes a long way in making the show a success for you and everyone else.

What advertising do you do?

A ton. We send postcards in the mail to every single house in Circle C. We advertise in Community Impact newspaper, Circle C newsletter. We post flyers all over town. We do a lot of paid promotions and advertising online on social media. Austin Chronicle featured us as one of the top 5 stops on the tour last year. 

How do you make the event attractive to visitors?

We curate an excellent art show. We also provide free drinks and free snacks (thanks to our sponsors). We provide a ton of free parking. We organize food trucks for people to buy food at. We raffle off an amazing art basket with donated art works by our artists.

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