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  • Are pets allowed to accompany me?
    We love pets!! Unfortunately due to community center restrictions, we request that only necessary support/service animals accompany visitors.
  • Is the Circle C Community Center accessible to people with disabilities?
    Yes! The Circle C Community Center has ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps, doors, and restroom facilities.
  • Is the art for purchase?
    Yes absolutely! All the art on display by each of the artists has been curated for the finest selections, and available for sale.
  • Is there food and drinks available at the event?
    Yes! We want very much for our creatives art show to be a wonderful experience. We will free drinks sponsored by local businesses. Drinks include non-alcoholic for all ages, and also alcoholic beverages for those over 21 with a valid ID. The free sponsored drinks subject to availability. There is no food available at the event.
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